It’s the middle of the week, I’m tired and grouchy already, and I just want to relax and get through the next couple of days and go into the weekend stress free.  Some may frown upon this, but for me personally, one of the best and easiest ways that I find to relax is with a drink, a good alcoholic drink. Now I’m not talking about getting “white boy wasted” (although there is always a time and a place for that as well), just a simple well made cocktail, a good beer, a glass of wine, whatever.  Being a classically French trained chef, I was taught to try everything, even if it was not something I would normally eat or cook with. I mean, I’m not always cooking for just me, and just because I would not usually use that ingredient, I should still know what it tastes like, how to cook with it and make something great for someone else.  I take that same approach when creating cocktails; I like to call myself a cheftender, as opposed to mixologist. So every Wednesday, I’ll be bringing you something that I love to drink, maybe a new cocktail that I am working on, or a new spirit/beer/wine that someone has recommended to me. If you want me to make a cocktail with one of your favorite spirits, drop me a comment and I will see what I can come up with for you!!  Cheers!

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