Welcome to my sports blog/vlog/youtube channel. The Prop Shop is where I will be sharing my latest sports picks. I try to make daily videos, or blogs on some of the hottest trends in sports as well as letting my viewers/readers know where I will be betting my money for the day. Feel free to tail, or fade (probably not the best of ideas) my action and win along with me. When making my selections for the day, I am looking for the best value that I can find. I use several different books to make sure that I am “getting the best of it”.

While I do a ton of research on my plays, and am giving out what I believe is the best value for the plays that I have selected for that day….please do not bet your entire paycheck, your rent/mortgage money, grocery money or whatever you cannot afford to lose. Blindly tailing my plays can be good, but there going to be losers as well. NO ONE wins every play. Sports betting is marathon, not a sprint. I am looking to increase my bankroll by a significant percent year over year. As long as I am out performing the S&P500, I am happy with those results.

Sports betting is no different than investing, and that is what I am doing here, INVESTING! All the information is there for you to see for a particular company or stock you want to invest in. The same goes for 2 teams competing against each other. There is then a price that is offered for both. Usually one of those prices has more value than the other, and value is the name of the game.

This is for entertainment, and I cannot not, will not be responsible for anyone’s inability to gamble responsibly. There are plenty of places to get help if you have a gambling addiction, and I strongly suggest that if you have a problem, get some help.