Buffalo Chicken Casserole *Paleo*

I am always up for trying now only new foods, but the occasional diet as well (they only last about a week or so becomes I just love food, and want to eat what I want when I want), so I have paleo a try.  This was actually one of my favorite dishes that I tried, and it was super simple.  It’s literally just some shredded chicken drenched in buffalo sauce, some diced sweet potatoes, broccoli, onion, bacon, and then topped with some onion and scallion.  Mix it all up and throw it in the oven for a bit and you are good to go!!!

Yelp’s Grand Experiment

Yelpers got the chance to learn a thing or two about mixology at Trademark Drink + Eat with Chris Bassett himself. The yelpers were challenged to create the best cocktail out of the bunch, which would go on to be featured as a specialty cocktail on Trademark Drink + Eat‘s menu during restaurant week. Learn more about the grand experiment here.