Better than your vodka, and America’s 1st true spirit, its namesake come last from a 540 acre island located in Richmond’s James River

Wits first run in 2013, this little moonshine company was off and running.  Owners Vince, Brian, and Alex set out on a mission to produce a premium, clean, handcrafted spirit, using 100% organic corn, to give tribute to the traditions of America’s first spirit. 

Over the last five years, Belle Isle has gone from its original “black label” moonshine to now having over 5 different varieties and flavors of their moonshine (100 proof, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Honey Habanero, Cold Brew Coffee, and Blood Orange).  Chris does work as a brand ambassador with Belle Isle, mainly working in the Old Town Alexandria area.  He works to get this great product into the hands of consumers and bar goers in the area.  By creating signature cocktails, menu programs, and training classes, he is able to give you the best that Belle Isle has to offer.

Using 100% organic corn, and water that has been quadruple distilled from the James River, Belle Isle can now be found in the following states; VA, MD, DC, DE, NY, MI, OH, NC, GA, & LA.

Checkout their website at to get more information, and where to find it near you!

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