Over the last few years, I have started to drink a lot less beer than I used to.  Maybe it is because what it has started to do to my waistline lol. Either way, every now and then I do enjoy a good beer, especially when it is something new and different.  That is how I came across this gem, forget that it has an 8% abv, how can you pass up a beer called Biggie S’mores?!?! This beer comes from a local Virginia Distillery based out of Charlottesville, and I am a huge supporter of local food & drink.  The historical backstory of this brewery, from the name itself, to all of their beers is really great, especially if you into history. We are here to talk about drinks though, not history (you can check it yourself at threenotchdbrewing.com). When the weather is a bit cold out, I am really looking for a roasty, malty, darker beer like a porter, or in this case a stout.  It has a smooth chocolate taste, and using 80 boxes of graham crackers per batch, the name does not disappoint. Get that fire lit, turn on your favorite tv show or movie, pop a bottle and ask yourself…..how ya livin Biggie S’mores! Cheers!! 

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