Keeping with the “local” theme for one more week, I want to tell you all about this little moonshine distillery out of Richmond, Virginia.  I used one of their spirits in a post a few weeks back, but did not really talk about the spirit itself (full disclosure, I do do some brand ambassador work with this particular company. You can check out more about them in my “Affiliates” section or go straight to their website  They really do make a quality product that is great on its own or in a cocktail. They have a variety of flavors, all with their own uniqueness that makes each one stand out. Even if I did not work with them, this product would still be on my radar BECAUSE it is so well made and delicious. I will get more into the other flavors as we progress, but for today it is all about the Ruby Red Grapefruit flavor.  You can easily drink this on its own, or with soda water and a lime, and it will blow every other grapefruit flavored spirit out of the water! I put this little cocktail together on my menu at Myron Mixon’s. It is pretty simple, with a light, clean, crisp flavor profile.


Grapefruit Thyme

  • 2 oz Belle Isle Ruby Red Grapefruit Moonshine
  • 1.25 oz Thyme Syrup
  • .75 oz Lime Juice

Add all ingredients to a shaker tin, add ice, and shake until cold.  Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a thyme sprig

To make the thyme syrup:

Bring 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water to a boil.  Add in 2 oz of fresh thyme, turn off heat, cover pan and let steep for 8-10 minutes.  Strain and store in a clean bottle. Refrigerate after use. Will keep for up to one week.


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