Another local yocal post!  This vineyard holds a special place in my relationship with my wife Candiace.  She always thinks that I am unable to keep a secret, and or surprise her for any special occasion.  She is always wrong when it comes to this, I could give countless examples, but for sake of time, I will give you this one.  It was our 1 year anniversary (of dating), and of course she thought I forgot and did not plan anything for us to do. Of course I had the ENTIRE day planned out, and one of those things was a trip to this lovely vineyard.  We got a tour of the entire facility, and got to sample some really great wines. This week, I’m drinking a little “lesser” known varietal called viognier. This is one of my favorite varietals to drink. For me, it starts with a slight tart crispness, almost like a sauvignon blanc, but then finishes with this nice smooth roundness, almost like a chardonnay.  It is a truly versatile grape. It is delicate enough to enjoy with oysters or salad, but can also stand up to a cream delicious pasta dish as well. Give it a try the next time you are out looking for something new. Cheers!

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