When I am looking to just drink something straight, rum is usually my go to.  I say usually, because if I am out at some of the “divey” bars I like to go to that are close to home, their rum selections is not always that great, and I can always fall back on a bourbon.  Rum is generally made from sugarcane, sugarcane juice, or molasses so it carries with it a natural sweetness that I really enjoy. One of my favorite rums is from Nicaragua called Flor de Cana.  They have several “vintages’ available in their lineup all at a really approachable prince point. I find that their 7yr rum is great to use in cocktails or on its own. I ALWAYS have the 12yr version in stock at home and drink it straight up or with just 1 ice cube to give it a slight chill.  Now this one here……wow! I just had this for the first time and it is amazing, the only problem is that is not available in the United States I don’t think, I have never seen it. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this one because one of my groomsmen’s wives mother lives in Nicaragua, so being the great guy that he is, he scooped me up one.  When I tell you that this is some of the smoothest liquor I have ever drank….it is just so velvety soft and rich. Even though it is a little on the pricey side (if you can get your hands on it) this is the type of liquor you want to share with friends. Don’t be greedy and hoard it for yourself. Enjoy it and create some memories around it! Cheers!


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